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Since I still have no television, I just read Bush's speech. I'm conflicted over it.

1) We all know that in a gazbazillion years or so, our sun will turn into a red giant and consume the earth and we won't be able to live here. Or our moon will slow down and crash into us. Or the earth will stop rotating period. I forget the order of things. But many, many people are in agreement about one issue: we probably won't have to worry about these things, because before they happen we'll either learn to live somewhere else or (more likely) commit group suicide by either using up the life-sustaining resources of our world or starting a gigantic war and blowing each other to bits. This could be it.

2) Or this could be to prevent it. Does Saddam really want to take over the world? Is that really his goal, to bring us all down someday? He took over Kuwait once, just out of the blue. That would seem like an intent. Iraq had been buying up weapons-grade plutonium, for God's sake. We can't understand it, we can't relate, but there are truly rulers in this world who will not be happy until we are wiped off the planet or at least under their thumbs. And if they were allowed to rule, we wouldn't have freedom of religion or political voice. We couldn't protest. We couldn't vote for who we want to. This is what life is in their countries, and this is what they think it should be everywhere else.

3) So instead of letting Iraq destroy the entire earth, America should get in and do it first. wait...

4) Really I'm tired of hearing about the whole issue, I wish that whatever we were doing we'd just get the fuck on with it. I know a lot of people agree with me there.

5) I know a guy at work who started buying bottled water and canned goods this weekend. I just wanted to shake him and say, "We live in Kansas, dude. Don't flatter yourself by thinking that terrorists care."

In free Iraq there will be no more wars of aggression against your neighbors, no more poison factories, no more executions of dissidents, no more torture chambers and rape rooms. The tyrant will soon be gone. The day of your liberation is near.

Millions of people are praying that we take the right course of action. God is listening and knows what will happen, as He knows the hour and the season that the end of the world will come. It can't happen unless He plans it. If He's planned it for now, I'll just be thankful for this life that I have been given.

That's all anybody can do. I believe that now in history, more people have the power to change than ever before. But it's not me.
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