Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

like that bad party host

I've been removed from the friends list of somebody who I really like. I know I shouldn't take these things personally, I mean, it's lame to be like "WHY I NO U LJ FRIEND?!" or whatever, but it's how I am.

I'm still on 229 other friends lists, but I dunno... this one was special. I think my friends list should have an exit survey. Seriously, just a little deal so when you delete me a box pops up reading: "You have removed Spacefem from your list. Please indicate why:

1) You're just trying to cut things down, it's nothing personal
2) Her journal is trite and meaningless
3) You feel lost in her friends list
4) You're mad that she screwed one of your friends over"

It also brings to light my theory that we should have "world honesty day," when everyone says exactly what they think of everyone else. Because honestly, I'd love to hear what people think about me... the good, the bad, the ugly. Hell, if you're in the mood tonight, just let me have it! Have you seen my website? Do you realize how self-absorbed I am? I need these checks! Just say, "Spacefem... your journal reflects just how totally incapable you are at relating to people with problems outside your carefully molded midwestern united states engineering job life." or "Spacefem, you babble on and on about your coworkers or website or parakeets like they're interesting, but they're not, and you rant about political beliefs without knowing anything about politics, and you contradict yourself, and you aren't nice to people."

Damn, I have livejournal insecurity. That's bad. It means I need a life.

In other news, my private pilot ground school final is tomorrow and I'm nervous as hell... so why am I not studying like crazy right now? It's going to be freaking impossible! It'll feel so good to be done with this class though.
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