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hug and make up?

I got really pissed off today for several reasons... mostly, well, the world. I shouldn't let the outside world bug me this much but some days it does.

First, I woke up to NPR doing a story on the new abortion bill that just pissed me off. As a few of you know, I am against abortion from a moral standpoint, but very much for keeping it legal.

But I don't like partial birth abortion. When a baby could be born and live on its own outside the mother, have a life, be a totally healthy person, but a doctor kills it instead, I think that's more than morally wrong.

But we can't make it illegal because the stupid aholes writing the bill can't ever figure out how to make an exception for the health of the mother. Since just saying "health" leaves it open to mental/emotional health interpretation and renders it basically useless, they just don't make an exception at all, which I'm also against, because for heaven's sake let's be reasonable here people. If a woman is in physical danger, it should be legal to abort the baby. It's like murder, yes, but murder in self-defense is okay. Can they just put, "physical health" in the bill? No, they'd rather try to push it through without any exceptions because we aren't happy getting what we can get, we all have to have a little more. We've all got to push it a little further, get a little closer to what we want which is every abortion to always be illegal.

So partial birth abortion still goes on, because the stupid bill-writing people are, in my opinion, entirely motivated by politics, not doing what's logically right.

Then I get on the internet and some liberal is going on and on about how George Bush is the greatest idiot to ever walk the planet, it's a wonder the man can even breathe in and out, he took office by a vast right-wing conspiracy in the first place anyway and is going to condemn us all because he's not even trying to do what's right for the country. I'm sure. Yes, and Sadam Hussein probably just plays with puppies in his spare time and there's positively no reason to ever go to war with him.

I'm not saying I'm for the war, I'm just so sick of people who refuse to see any decent side to it and just insist on going off at every turn about how we'd be better off if we all just jumped off a fucking bridge. Hey, you first!

Then I drive to work and see a bumper sticker on a car that says, "I Stand For One Nation Under God!" Well good for you, I'm glad those satan-worshipping judges didn't bring you down. I bet they burn churches and feed Christians to the lions, but with that bumper sticker you'll be safe. Separation of church and state? No... that would mean that someone else might be right. We'll save more souls if we force everyone to take a knee, won't we? Isn't that how you do it?

Maybe I'm being insensitive and opinionated myself a little bit here, I mean in a way, I'm calling every side wrong. The pro-lifers are wrong because they can't argue their side without using religion and long-term goals. The pro-war people are wrong because they can't listen to arguments against them. The anti-war people are wrong because they're pessimistic elitists who can't convey their viewpoint without insulting everyone else. And then there's the religious right... don't even get me started.

I just need to stop watching television, listening to the radio, reading the paper. That's my problem. Fanatics are the only ones who make the news ever, it seems. They're either intellectually superior or morally superior, you ever notice that? The other side, to them, is just hopeless, obviously either has no brains or no morals. I wish they'd just all shut up.

So I don't want to act superior, but I would like to state that I consider myself a liberal, but I think conservatives have brains, dammit. And I'm a Christian, but I know that non-christians have hearts.

It's not hopeless. You just have to try.
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