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disjointeds of the day

Heard a nasty rumor recently that, according to the official doctrine of the catholic church, I am not going to heaven because I am not catholic. I wanted to make a post asking for someone to verify or denounce this fact in christianity, but last time I posted in there all hell broke loose (no pun intended) and everybody got in fights and three people left and I sort of felt like, um, not good about it. I'm just always hearing these myths about different denominations and I hate feeling misinformed, and it's hard to find a resource that comes right out and addresses the controversial issues.

Oh well. I shouldn't be concerned with it. It's just that I know there are denominations out there who seriously think that members of their little section of Christianity have it right and everyone else pretends to have it right but really doesn't and that whole philosophy really bugs the hell out of me. I'd like to at least know who isn't considering me on their side, especially since I'm still kind of going to various churches every so often. I would never ever think of joining a church that would tell me my parents aren't going to heaven.

Season premier of Queer As Folk was a lot more melodramatic than I'd remembered. I wasn't impressed for some reason.

The sun came out today and some snow melted, finally. It's funny how I wish and wish for a month that it could snow, then it does and I'm happy for 24 hours and then I want it to go away. It's supposed to get really warm out later this week which is awesome.

When I put something on a wall, and it falls off it, that's one of the most dissapointing feelings in the world.
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