Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

dot dot dot

I cleaned out my e-mail inbox and discovered all kinds of e-mails that I should have responded to because they were cool, but for some reason I just tabled them, read the first sentence and was like, "later". So I have some guilt about that.

Didn't update the journal for two whole days... not even a private entry. weirdness there.

I am very lazy today. But at least I got laundry done.

I made an american useless blob but don't have the heart to put him on the site yet, because even I don't know what america is all about these days.

I've had a bad or at least weird dream almost every night this week. Other members of my forum said the same thing... maybe it's subliminal messages or something?

My skin is awfully dry.

Winter sucks. I've worn pants to work every day this week. I like skirts so much better, they're just more free, you know?

Well, those are my disjointed thoughts so I can say I updated.
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