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So at work we have to set all these professional goals for ourselves, which is all well and good. But I have some other goals, that I've been thinking pretty hard on, so I'm going to put them down here. I'll make 2007 the target year for having this stuff done. My hope is that if I write these things down, they'll be more real and attainable. Yes? Yes!

1) Save Money
I've decided how to accomplish this, too: I will not buy anything except food unless my entire apartment is clean. I mean, I buy clothes when there's no place to put them in my closet. I buy decorative candles and dishes when the table they'd go on isn't clean. I buy craft stuff when the craft stuff I bought last week is still in "uncomplete project" form, strewn across the living room. Bad! So from now on, whenever I feel the need to buy something, I will set to cleaning.

2) Learn Japanese
I decided last week to learn Japanese. I mean, for one thing, my company will be in big trouble if Honda and Toyoda pull off the airplanes they've been trying to build. And I've always wanted to learn another language. I tried Spanish, but sucked too bad at it. So now my goal is Japanese. And when I learn it, I'll actually go to Japan to get it right. Maybe get a job interview. I'm serious about this one.

3) Get my pilot's license
This counteracts the "not spending money" goal, so it might not happen. Still looking.

4) Get my master's degree in engineering
None of this MBA crud, no, I'm going for the gold! I'll have to take some more classes to even work up to it, but I'll be proud.

Alright, those are my Goals for today.
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