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Had a really busy day today, everything had to just be run everywhere. Days like that always go fast, but damn. tired.

Got the crack in my windshield fixed. I was driving Saturday on the highway, just north of El Dorado, when I swear this rock comes out of another dimention to hit my windshield. It makes this tiny crack, about two inches long, and I tried to tell myself it was just a peice of grass or something but it wasn't. By today it was 8" long, and I had to call the insurance company.

I'm going call some other insurance companies. I like State Farm, they've been good, I even got a whole new windshield today for only $100. But I pay $700 every six months. Yes! On a two year old ford. And I have a perfect driving record. I told some guys at work this, and they thought it sounded like crap. So... yup.

Paid the credit card bill today, too. My bill is consistantly around $800 every month, and I don't like that. So I made a spreadsheet with the last two months' statements and broke all the items up into catagories... entertainment, needs, semi-needs, non-needs, my addiction to crafts, the internet. I spend $200 a month at stores like K-mart and wal-mart. Semi-needs. Stuff I could live without. Must hold back and save money! I'm still worried about the economy and employment and everything and I am just doing a horrible job saving.

Speaking of buying stuff I don't need, I decided I do need SuSE 8.1. Could I save money by downloading the ISOs? Yes. But what does SuSE get out of that? What does the local computer store show as being an operating system that sells? That's my deal... I buy a lot of things like software and cds and gifts from ten thousand villages, where I'm not just buying stuff because I want it, I'm buying it to vote with my dollar. Sounds fine.

And hell, the federal budget is so completely screwed, I don't see why mine can't be, also.
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