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it's another survey!

taken from rawbery79 who took it from falls2climb. it was a two-part thing with the first part asking all these questions about showering, which I found really lame, so I cut that part out and now it's not as interesting but not as stupid either. pick your poison, huh?

[A] - Age: 21
[B] - Best Friends: Dave, my sister, the SWE girls
[C] - Choice of Meat: ribs.
[D] - Dream Date: involves Star Wars and lots of food
[E] - Exciting Adventure: never had one
[F] - Favorite Food: crud, there are like a million. pizza is good, chocolate is good, pasta dishes are good
[G] - Greatest Accomplishment: the RA job
[H] - Happiest Day of your life: too many to single out one!
[I] - Interests: computer, computer, computer
[K] - Kool-Aid: Lemonade (with rum...)
[L] - Love: is a clishe
[M] - Most Valued: computer
[N] - Name: Spacefem
[O] - Outfit you love: halter top, jeans, sandals (ah, summer...)
[P] - Pizza toppings: canadian bacon or supreme or that ham & pineapple ain't bad either
[Q] - Question Asked to you the most: "How tall are you?" and "Do you play basketball?"
[R] - Radio Station: NPR
[S] - Sport: track
[T] - Television Show: SURVIVOR!
[U] - Ur favorite song: "Disarm" by the smashing pumpkins
[V] - Video: "Something's Always Wrong" by Toad The Wet Sprocket
[W] - Winter: is lame
[X] - Xylophone: not as nice as anything in the strings section
[Y] - Year born: 1980
[Z] - Zodiac Sign: Taurus


First grade teacher's name: Mrs. Allison? I don't really know.
Last word you said: Rounds!
Last song you sang: everything from Fiddler On The Roof (sorry, it was one, and I couldn't resist!)
Last meal you ate: chef boy r dee ravioli stuff
Favorite childhood cartoon: voltron
What do/did you hate most about school: stress
Last song stuck in your head: everything from Fiddler On The Roof


What's in your CD player: Fionna Apple
What color socks are you wearing: White
What's under your bed: boxes, papers, art supplies, junk
What's the weather like: beautiful!
What time did you wake up today: 8:30 - ish


Who do you want to marry: someone unconventional
Are you going to college: yup
Where do you want to go: uhm, how about PSU?
What is your career going to be: an electronics person, somehow
Where are you going to live: somewhere warm, or just kansas.
How many kids do you want: ewe, kids are the devil
Kids' names: hey i did this in a survey already! luke, leia, ada, and linus!
Where do you want your honeymoon: why is this whole thing about marriage? i might have a much cooler life you know...
What kind of car will you have: something with good gas mileage.

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