Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

paper and money

Did my taxes this weekend. Things are pretty good, I'm getting money back, but need to change my withholding so I don't have to pay in when the time comes next year.

Looked at my mutual fund, which really pissed me off. See, when I was a senior in high school, I had $1000. It was pretty much babysitting money. I'd saved up, worked a lot, all that... I'd never had a real job before, but I had that. So I put it in a mutual fund, with the thought that I could one day need it, when I was getting started out on my own.

Almost five years later, I have about $800. Last year at this time I had $1100, which wasn't fantastic, but it was something. At least I wasn't losing. I lost this. Damn. So I keep thinking back to how much I wanted to spend that money when I was 18, how I didn't have a lot but told myself i'd be good if I invested, and look what it got me?

Anyway, I want to just cash the account out and put the money into my savings account, which earns 7% all the time. But the investors tell you to never pull out when things were low. And I don't really need the $800, it's not even that much money, if I lose it all I won't die. So... crap.

I shouldn't complain, I know people who've lost a lot more money in the stock market than I have. It's just discouraging. Mom and Dad were talking about The System, and how you can't predict what you'll need or where you'll be in 30 years, it's impossible. So I've got the retirement savings thing going, but there's no garantee that I'm doing that right.

Well, life is too short to worry about money, right?

Speaking of financial details... this is a good story. I'm reaching in my glove box to get a map the other day, and the damn thing falls behind the back part of the glove box, into, um, whatever you call that place behind your glove box. Shit, right? So I reach back behind there to get my map, and pull out a freaking life file on the person who used to own my car! Honestly, there was an entire tree worth of papers back there, and it wasn't all stuff she should have left laying around, no. Bank statements, a book of check carbons, the results of a college entrance exam (with her social security number printed in the top left hand corner). A paycheck stub from a job at a community college. Some grocery receipts. Very strange feeling.

It's funny, because from one point of view, I know everything about this person. Address, account numbers, social security number, place of employment. But I don't know who she is. Hobbies. Friends. Who bought her this brand new ford, when she was just in junior college making $100 a paycheck.

Lots of papers. I'll tear them into little peices and throw them away, I wouldn't want the stuff to fall into the wrong hands. Shouldn't even be in mine.
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