Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

disconnected thoughts

I have a policy on my website that if you join the forums but don't post, you get deleted after 30 days. This is nice, because if you look at the memberlist, the first couple pages only list active accounts. But it's bad, because after I go on deleting sprees, my number of members goes down. So I visit other forums that have like 600 members and I'm sad because I would have about that many if I wasn't deleting half of them. Maybe I'll resist the chopping sprees.

I've learned that my inactive account ratio is about normal. Seems like 80% of people who register anywhere on the internet never using their account. I shudder to think how many websites I've registered my name at, then left forever.

Happy birthday, Susan B. Anthony! Gotta love those old school feminists. It makes me sad to think about how hard she worked for women's rights when she never even got to see us earn the right to vote.

Burned my mouth yesterday on my onion soup and I can still feel it. Damn!

Must do taxes this weekend.

Got lovely v-day presents from my sister and her roommate... cards, chocolate, assorted pretty things. I love them! reece's chocolate-covered peanut butter heart... mmm!

Dave and I had quiet candle-lit dinner at home with the parakeets. We all ate salad. Just dave and I had pork chops. The birds aren't into that sort of thing, for some reason. We didn't give them wine, either. It was very happy. I am very happy, when he's around, everything just feels like it's in the right place.

Love having the link directory on my site. I add links all the time now, because I can just go in and throw one there instead of opening up an html file like I used to do. I never realized how fantastic it could be to have that stuff be automated! Plus, my visitors can add links, which is always a bonus.
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