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I realized at work today that I am the only one in my cubicle who got out of high school and went straight to college. The other guys got out and spent a couple years working first, or joined the military, or whatever. Plus, several of them spent more than four years on their degree, so they were all significantly older than I am when they started work. It was weird.

It made me feel empty again, like I'm really young. I'm 22, that's not young! When I was 16, I considered 22 to be 100% adult, that was basically my parent's age. I can drink, smoke, and buy porn. I have a job and I make car payments. I purchased a sofa from a furniture store. I buy meat and vegitables from the grocery store.

I guess being young is good, it means I've got lots of time to go places with my life. Like, I've got money from my paychecks going into my 401K, I know that's good. It's not much money, but from what I've read it doesn't have to be.

When I was eight, I told myself I'd eat McDonald's for breakfast every day when I grew up, because I absolutely loved McDonald's breakfasts. That was a weird memory when it came back to me in college, because I realized that I finally had that power, I could eat McDonald's for breakfast every day if I wanted to. But I didn't. Why? Because I'd grown up.

And I have. Damn. I think maybe we're all considered young, by everyone who's older than we are.
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