Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

weekend overview

Good weekend. Dave and I went to an open house hosted by some friends of his family, who he's known for a long time. They have a townhome. It's like an apartment, because it's on the 7th floor of this big building, but they own it like a house, and they just moved in. They painted the walls and decorated it and it was just so beautiful, I was taken. Artwork. Atmosphere.

Some guys at work were trying to talk me into buying a house, saying that I should get out of the apartment, no matter what it takes. There are houses I could buy with payments of only a little more than my rent, they were saying, and down payments are easy to get around these days, especially if you're a first time buyer. When you rent, you're "flushing your money down the toilet". It's all so complicated. I'll see how much money I have saved at the end of the year, I guess. My lease is about up, I just signed a six month one, but I think another six months is in order. I'd hate to have to get checks and mailing labels reprinted, anyway.

Some of these guys I work with... they just love home ownership. All they talk about is their recent projects on the house, what they're doing to the yard, how they're finishing the basement. If I had a house I'd be awfully excited about it, but maybe not that excited.

I did a lot to the website this weekend. Changed how articles are presented on the main page (they're actually in the right order now!), transfered my mailing list off, made the guestbook use the same header/footer as the rest of the site, added the link directory. I am just so happy with PHP I can hardly say it! It's so easy to find resources on it, so easy to figure out its scripts and hack things into ready-made utilities. Seriously, if I'd only known how great this was, I'd have moved months ago. I'd like to learn more of it, so I could actually write my own stuff, but time is always an issue.

On my way to church this morning I walked out the door and was greeted by my neighbor's dog. It's a pug. So cute! It's got that funny dense pug-skin and makes weird noises when you pet it, I totally wanted one. But then my hands smelled like dog when I got to church, that wasn't cool.
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