Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

random quasi-technical thoughts

My internet connection blows! Seriously... I'm pinging sites now and getting upwards of 30% packet loss. When the cable repair guy came out, everything was perfect (of course). He tool-tightened some connections and replaced a coax to my tv but that was it. Now I'm back and everything blows.

Due to connection issues, I think I've pinged like 87 times today. It's just the site I ping. I laughed and told dave that it was funny how I never visit yahoo or use it for anything, but I ping it all the time. He said that's how he was too, only sometimes he uses

Oh well. on to news...

I added a link directory to Go addeth thy sites! It's a free php code but I did some hacking to get it just how I wanted, I was proud of that... added total listings values on the front page and some other things. Not just template mods.

Sometimes, I think databases could be really interesting. Then I remember that I don't want to be one of *those* people ;)

David is back. He brought a router and his laptop this time so he won't be using my computer for internet access. It would seem that our relationship depends on having separate nodes, seriously, I was stressed when he needed on my machine.

Why can't I find an official version of the jargon files? The site I had bookmarked seems to just push off to other domains
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