Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

Contact! Is the secret! it's the moment! when everything happens...

Got this e-mail forward from missniceness that was one of those "back in time" things, full of images of toys we used to play with in the 80s. Good stuff. I just told a story a few days ago in my forum about running around my house in a cape pretending to be she-rah: princess of power, and I did a high kick and my toenail got caught in the carpet and ripped halfway off. blood everywhere. I think I was like six.

But my childhood injuries were not the point of this entry... no! I just wanted to say that the television show 3-2-1 Contact probably changed my life. Honestly. I didn't watch a ton of t.v. as a kid but I loved this show, it was about all these random people doing science stuff, they'd do little experiments and have short sketches based on science stuff. I have a very clear memory of being in like the first grade and telling some kid, "Well you can't see everything, because nobody can see ultraviolet light. Duh."

good times, good times. now, if only they could make a really cool kids show about engineers...
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