Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

bad words

Sorry to talk about my forum so much, but, well, if I talk about anything else in my life it has to be friends-only.

It cracks me up how people visit my forum and say things like, "So I told that **shole to f*ck off because I was just feeling b*tchy like that!" What is it with the internet? So many sites censor out profanity that we automatically do it ourselves? I don't filter out anything on my website... there's a rule that says you should be 13 or over to join the forums, and in my opinion, if you're over 12, you can say what's on your mind. And sometimes what's on our minds isn't entirely clean.

I don't cuss a lot. I never do at work (although sometimes I feel like it, it's just not accepted) and I make an effort to avoid it around family members (unless I'm just around my sister, then it's open season). And I don't think it's ever appropriate to make every other word a curse. Like, I thought the Osbornes had some stupid moments when they hosted that awards show. No word in the world is worth mentioning in every single sentence, when that occurs, language just isn't interesting. They were doing it for shock value, in my opinion.

But I think the world would be better if we treated all words with more equality. Stop making such a big deal of things. When I was in the third grade, I remember having a lot of kids make fun of me for how I looked. I should have told them to fuck off. Just like that. Or at least, I should have said it in my own head. But I was like nine years old and thought that was the worst word you could possibly say, even the big kids at the back of the bus didn't say the f-word, you got struck down or something. Maybe, in the third grade, I wasn't mature enough to deal with it. I don't know. But it would have helped my situation a lot.

That's just my thought for the day... if you feel like "bad" words will get your point across better, then use them. damnit. And don't censor yourself with little *s and such. Fuck *s, in fact!
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