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So we've got the superbowl on right now... not because we love football, but because we're Americans, dammit! Yay! What's more American than football?

I do have on complaint though. If Football is such a US thing, how come we have so many foreign performers doing pregame and halftime stuff? We let Celine Dion sing "God Bless America"? She's Canadian! So is Shania Twain. And hell, last year's halftime featured a 9-11 tribute by U2, complete with Bono sporting an American flag jacket. Isn't U2 Irish?

And something tells me U2 isn't that excited about America these days. I haven't heard much from them, but... I just have a hunch...

Oh well. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate non-Americans. But when it comes to celebrating our country, it seems like we should do it with citizens of our own country. If there were Canadian football players on one of the teams, and Celine wanted to sing "Oh Canada", I'd be cool with it.

Well, sort of cool with it, I don't really like Celine Dion anyway...

My other complaint is that the Raiders suck at two-point conversions. Give up, guys, damn.

Made spinach enchilladas today. I think the secret to making spinach enchilladas is the same as the secret to making anything: add lots of stuff that's bad for you. mmm. Butter. Cream cheese. Sour cream. A small half of a small onion (that's healthy, though). I just throw stuff in until I feel like the mixture says something to me, then I put it in corn tortillas and cover with mozzerella cheese and bake for 20 minutes at 350° and call it good. Dave isn't a big fan of spinach, but I'm obsessed with it, so at least he's a good sport.

Last night we made steaks in the oven, just broiled them, and they came out really good! I kinda wish I had a little grill though, because we set the smoke detector off twice, and the parakeets kind of freak out when that happens. Hell, I do to. Anyway it's really nice to see Dave again, I missed him a lot. When he was here before I started getting antsy, like I wanted to get rid of him and have my space back. I think that's okay. I mean, it's not much space to start with, that's an issue, and he's using my computer. It really irks me to not be able to use my computer the second I need it, whenever something pops into my head. Obviously if Dave and I lived together, he'd get his own computer, and we'd get something more than this little one-bedroom apartment, so I have every reason to believe that our relationship would be perfect. I'm happy when he's around.
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