Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

site down

my website seems to be down, I started just fading away around 11:00 last night, when I got home, and this morning I can't get to it at all. I also can't get to my host's site, so... double uh-oh.

I'd like to blame this ms sql server worm, but I'm on a redhat server, so I don't think I can. Or can I? I don't know how these things work.

Either way, I was wanting to do some things to the stylesheets today and now I can't, so I'm angry. And the forum members are going to be freaking out, too, I always feel bad about that. They're addicted, seriously.

Oh well. At least livejournal is working fine... as long as we have that, the world is totally safe!

[edit: 3:24 pm ~ site seems to be back up! I logged on to my host's support forums and learned that it was indeed the attack... whoh, crazy. anyway, the world is safe once again.]
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