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So, I'm one of these people who pushes in the microwave numbers in the easiest way possible. Rolls go in for :11. Soup that calls for 2.5 minutes goes in for 2:22. Tonight I had a pizza that needed seven minutes, so I punch in 6:66, and I'm like, "OHMIGOD... THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST IS IN MY MICROWAVE!" and it's all scary.


Took Aggy to the vet tonight, I was scared to death. I mean, it's like 20° outside, what kind of insulation can keep her warm, from the apartment to the car even? One of my friends suggested a cooler, I thought that might be a bad idea, air-wise. I ended up getting a shoebox and throwing a washcloth in there, and I microwaved the washcloth a few seconds so it was warm. She made it.

The vet pooked and prodded and did all sorts of really traumatic things to her and sort of just gave me the opinion that, because aggy was born with really bad legs (they were splayed when she hatched, we had to do little therapy sessions to even get her to sit on perches), the fact that she can't use one of her feet now is no surprise. She's seven years old. These things happen. She said I could put some aspirin in her water (not kidding) to help with the swelling, but it wasn't an infection, and she couldn't feel any tumors. She said I could do a blood test for $80 but didn't recommend it. Okay.

So, my bird isn't sick. Just deformed. I'm not sure how I feel about that, the poor thing just has to live with it I guess. sigh.

Someone from another group asked me a question at work and I didn't know the answer. Sometimes I feel like I'll never know the answers. They just all seem so far away and impossible, I can in no way relate to the guys who pull all this technical information out of nowhere. And to make matters worse, I sometimes feel more lost than I did when I first started. At least then, I didn't know how lost I was. That's always soothing.
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