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Well, ground school was last night, I made it through the first class! As it turns out, we have to take a final at the end to pass the class, and that's how we get our money back and stuff. If we want to, we can also take the FAA test to go on to fly. I don't know, I've got this really awful "what have I started?" feeling. On one hand, becoming a private pilot will be exciting, and really good for my career. On the other hand, it's expensive. Our company talks on and on about what a great benefit they give us by making flying so cheap, but even when I only pay half what a normal person would pay, it's still expensive. $40 an hour for the plane. $30/hr for the instructor. There are membership dues, test fees, all that... I can't decide if it's worth it. And once I get my license, you know what I'll do with it? Pay $40 an hour to go flying all the time. Oh, plus fuel.

And the tough thing is, I need to DECIDE, because you can't just take ground school then wait around five years for flying lessons, no, it'll lapse and you have to take ground school again. ouch. The whole curriculum is like that. I don't know, I'm torn.

Anyway, class was pretty easy, this first night we just went over basics like, "This is a fuselage" and "You turn the nose of the plane with the rudder." It's stuff I knew before I even worked for an aircraft company... yawn. Well, it's always better to start too slow than too fast, yes?

Class again tomorrow! yay!

I watched "american idol" tonight, I'm not sure why. Kinda wish I hadn't. I feel dumber for watching it. People who can kinda sorta sing being told they totally suck and all that... I don't know, when you go into a business like music or writing you just have to be prepared to be told that you suck, it's part of those industries, I don't know why these people were so surprised. Especially the ones who really can't sing. Anyway, I can't really talk, I can't sing either.

It's freezing cold outside, and there've been tiny flurries of snow in the air all day. yay for tiny snow flurries :)
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