Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

Spacefem's Web Tip Of The Day

Okay, so lately for some reason I've been looking at forums, partly because I want ideas for mine, partly because it's just always fun to join more forums. And I need to say something.

People: if you're running a forum, make enough topics so that things are sort of organized, but don't make more than that. If you have 30 different topics in 12 catagories, a new person like myself will just get hypnotized and not even know where to start. Navagation becomes an issue. And besides, half those catagories haven't been posten in for 30 days anyway. Why have them?

For instance, have an "Entertainment" forum. Don't have "music", "movies", "books", "television", "books made into movies", "movies shown on television", "music played on movies shown on television", and "actors who write books about the television that inspired them to make movies" forums.

If the topic hasn't been posted in for a week, get rid of it!

Organization is good. Eight million forums that take three days to scroll through are NOT. If you have ten members, you do not need 20 forum topics to keep them busy. Start with, like, three and see how that goes.

There, I had my say!

In other news: I gave my parakeets a bath yesterday, and aggy was all excited and splashing around and she looked so cute! Naboo didn't really care. Then Naboo flew over to the other side of the room and taunted aggy until she wanted to fly over too, but when aggy took off from the side of the cage she just dropped like a rock because she made no attempt to dry off. Stupid bird. I love her so much.
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