Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

google, sewing

Embarrassment. I just did a google search for spinach enchiladas and you know what I learned?

1) That it's spelled enchiladas.
2) That I am the most famous person this month to mispel enchiladas, because my journal came up as the first hit. uhg.

For some reason, google loves me. Seriously, my site does great on there, I get xmms skins searchers, desktop wallpaper searchers, the whole bit! Is it the google search box on my page? who will know? All I can say is that I'm really happy about the fact that my page comes up when you ask google something like... do i need a boyfriend? (without the quotes). And since all the real geeks use google, it's the only place that matters.

well, except maybe teoma. I don't do as well over there, but i'm okay.

Yahoo! downright depresses me.

In other news: it's my typical saturday. Wake up, make eggs and bacon and coffee, watch MST3K, let the birds out, do some laundry. Sew. I'm finishing a skirt. Went to the fabric store last night because it was their big sale day, and took forever to get out of there. It was a frenzy, the line was ten deep. They had two people working: one cutting fabric and one ringing people up. I really started to hate the people who come up to the cutting table with eight bolts of fabric like, "I'll need 3/4 yard of each of these, please!" It's like, come on. What are you doing, crafts? Quilts? Just pick a pattern, get six yards of one color, and be gone! Darn crafters, they don't make anything useful.

Anyway, they had $.99 patterns last night, too, so I stocked up again. I've got enough patterns to last me until the end of the world. It's great. Sewing makes me so happy!
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