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I uploaded the site again. Curse me, I'm a whore, just couldn't wait it out. Also, I think I might move my quizzes to quizilla, because it's free. No, I'm not too stupid to write a quiz script, it's just a matter of bandwidth... anyway I started by moving the images there. Those about killed my bandwidth, and now they won't! You know quizilla has a 64K limit on images? They'll let random crazy people upload a 64K image for everyone in the world to link to... that's nuts! Talk about stealing bandwidth! My images are all like 7K and under now, I really don't feel so bad.

Speaking of the site, I'd like to publicly thank gikiski and alliiya for hosting my blobs. You guys rock, and your generosity has brought smiles to the faces of thousands of neopets store owners and livejournalers!

Anyway, the site is redesigned, it's much more subdued now. I sorta listened to your comments, made the main part more round. But if I listened to every comment I'd be a push-over, yes? Well, more comments are welcome :)

Went to see "Real Women Have Curves" yesterday. Good movie! Another film portraying latino culture... those seem to be all the rage lately. Kinda makes me wish I had culture. Being a white middle class american just... isn't special at all, there's nothing to celebrate about that. I can't be all like, "Yay for European Ancestry! I'm hope my great-great-great-great-great-great grandparents were leaders of the oppressive assholes over there!" Oh well. I'm proud to be American. And female. And rediculously good looking.

(that last part was a joke, I rented "Zoolander" this weekend and was profoundly influenced by it)

Anyway, the movie also did an awesome job of portraying issues involved with motherhood, family, women, coming-of-age... it was just interesting and I'd recommend it.

I have to go to work tomorrow, can you believe it? Uhg.
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