Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

film fest, star trek puzzle, neopethetic

I rented four $.50 movies at Dillon's today... am totally geared up to be completely anti-social until work starts monday! Seriously, I plan to have no human contact aside from my hairdresser, and I haven't even scheduled that yet.

I haven't watched any of the movies yet because I've been tackling projects around here, sort of. I bought some shelves for my closet to help my life out a bit. I'm putting together a puzzle on the coffee table, it's a star trek puzzle. I wanted the tin it came in when I found it in our basement but mum said she would not let me leave the puzzle pieces in a ziplock baggie in a kitchen drawer, I had to take the whole thing. I suck at puzzles. I get frustrated, I look around and around and then I'm like, "DAMMIT, I KNOW THERE ARE PIECES MISSING! AND EXTRA PIECES THROWN IN! THIS ISN'T EVEN A PUZZLE!" Mom is good at/enjoys puzzles, that's why we have them.

Got an e-mail from some fan saying that I could screw neopets back by creating a "guild" and uploading pictures to the "guild photo gallery" for people to link to, so those quiz results that were eating up a gig a day could be eating a neopets gig. wheee! But I tried it and it won't let me upload images, it says it "cannot process your upload" and tells me to try again later. Screw you neopets, I hate you anyway! All I want to do is test it out, see if linking to an image requires guild membership, you know?

My sister is doing a fabulous job feeding my neopet though, I will say that. And it looks like I have a shop now or something, and some neopoints? Go me. Sort of.
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