Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

what to do today?

Will someone go to and take the poll on the main page and tell me if it lets you vote and everything? I set it to allow random visitors to vote but I'm not sure it's working, we haven't seen a whole lot of votes come in.

Stuff I feel like doing:
1) Organizing my apartment by purchasing shelves for closet
2) Sewing
3) Redesigning website
4) Painting (?)
5) Recycling Sprucefem the christmas tree, who is probably nothing more than a pile of needles on the carpet about now.

But if I actually go home to do all this stuff, I'll be alone for the rest of the week. Will I wither away without human contact? Go insane or get bored? I guess there's only one way to tell.

I'll also be alone on new years eve but I'm not sure this bothers me. Every year I try to have some exotic plans and they always end up being a little dissapointing, everyone's party seems better than the one I went to or something. This year I'm thinking I just don't care. It's going to be 2003, whoo-hoo. Is there a law that says I have to ring in every new year by associating with other people?
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