Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

GAP, parakeets, pork ribs

Today I went shopping and purchased two wool skirts and a cotton turtleneck at The GAP. I couldn't remember if I was supposed to be boycotting that store or not, I read like eight million livejournal friends entries before the holidays about how we should boycott this store or that for running sweatshops, they all started to run together and I got that, "well crap, I gotta shop somewhere" feeling.

While I'm here, can anyone tell me what virgin wool is? virgin sheep? historically worn by virgins?

My parakeets are napping right now. They've been really calm here. I wish I could tuck my face into my back when I wanted to sleep, kinda shut the world away like that, they look so comfy! Dave made the observation last week that even though my parakeets seem to hate one another, they do everything together. Always have to be in the same room. Always have to eat at the same time, from the same food dish (that's always a good fight to watch, shows start every hour on the hour). Always sleep at the same time. I'm thinking parakeets are more pack animals than humans in a big way, makes me feel like they aren't the kind of pets that should be sold one at a time.

Went out to dinner last night at Fiorella's Jack Stack... it's this magnificent barbecue place. I got pork ribs, of course, and they were so incredible. I stuffed myself silly and had leftovers for lunch. If you're ever in Kansas City and want barbecue, go there. Well, go to Arther Bryant's, also, it's Jimmy Carter's favorite place here. And Hayward's, that's pretty good barbecue.

If you're a vegetarian I guess just don't come here, you'd be really bored.

Tonight my sister and I decided to go to panera bread because we're craving french onion soup. Still am not sure when I'm going home, but it won't be a whole lot longer. I want to get the website back up and running, my bandwidth reduction program is teaching me many, many things.
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