Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

um, shepherds... it's the bright one...

Well, I already said it to lots of you, and lots of you already said it to me, but... Merry Christmas!

Went to church last night, came home and we drank coffee and ate deserts until midnight so we could go ahead and open presents. And we did. I got awesome gifts from everybody: my sister gave me a really nice salt and pepper shaker set that matches my apartment perfectly and a book of paintings based on tolkien stories. My parents gave me a toaster, a mixer, a bathroom scale, and a set of flannel sheets (yay!). I gave my sister a pair of pajamas I'd made for her (family was quite impressed with my elite sewing skills these days!) and a copy of BACKLASH by Susan Fauldi. Dad got a fireproof save. Mom got a set of martini glasses with a shaker. Parents in general got a coffee grinder and coffee beans from Ten Thousand Villages... because doesn't coffee always taste better when you know that workers producing it weren't exploited? Of course! My family seemed really thankful for my gifts, my sister even loves the pajamas I made her. I was nervous, they're kinda corny. But she's happy, and making my family happy is really my favorite part of the whole day.

We got done at like 2:00 a.m.; I haven't stayed up that long in forever. I slept really hard and woke up this morning with that feeling like I didn't move all night, I was one with the covers. Woke up and ate cinnamon rolls and hung out with the family, watched M*A*S*H on DVD because that's what my sister got Dad for Christmas. Good movie, I'd probably seen parts of it before but not the whole thing.

Later we've got the family gift exchange at grandma's house... last year I got a webcam, that was cool, we'll see how things turn out this time around.

I love Christmas! Yes, the evil retail overlords try to take it from us every year. Yes, there are crappy artists who come out with painful christmas albums that get played in stores that make you wish God took more liberties with striking people down. Yes, I have no idea how much money I owe on the credit card for presents now (can't be too much, I definately took advantage of bargain tables this year if you catch my drift).

But in the end we all get to sit back and be thankful for what we've got and enjoy being loved by a family. Everybody finds a little love somewhere on Christmas, yes? Even if they see it around them rather than experiencing it themselves, they at least know it's there, right?

I may be an optimist, no, I know I'm an optimist to hope that everyone can have as fabulous a Christmas as I did.

But I hope at least you did.

Merry Christmas.
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