Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

spreading the joy

I've discovered that trying to save bandwidth is like trying to save money...

I want to save money.
Then don't buy this or this or those or that.
But then I won't get those! And I want them!

I've had this website for almost six years. I spent the first five trying to get people to come. Now I'm trying to get them away... I'm deleting the blobs on the other servers to reduce hits (they'll be back with new names and smaller file sizes eventually, but for now... no). I've deleted all the quizzes, except for the useless quiz (which will probably go soon as well) and the militant feminist quiz... it's been with me from the beginning, I'm not getting rid of it.

I'm not reporting any of this on the forums. I have this, "don't fight in front of the kids" mentality about that, even though we are now pulling 1.9GB a day and the forum is over 30% of that, I don't want them to know there's a problem, I just want everyone to be happy and help eachother and post a lot like they always do. I mean c'mon, it's christmas! You can't tell your members to hold off on the activity on Christmas!

Oh well.

In important, real life news, merry christmas eve! I'm home wrapping presents, the birds have recovered from the three hour car trip, I went to wal-mart with dad this morning and it was surprisingly calm, church is tonight, grandma's house is tomorrow... good times.
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