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will work for bandwidth

Well, I have statistics on now, and can start to examine why my site is so intensive in the bandwidth department. I know this will probably make me sound like a total idiot, but honestly I have never really thought much about bandwidth. I'm one of those average internet users who just does whatever needs done and doesn't stop to consider the wires and fibers and servers that make it happen. I should think more about it, but I don't.

So now I've got this somewhat scary page that tells me exactly what I'm using and what it's for. Facinating! And helpful. Like two days ago, when I realized that most of my bandwidth was actually caused by useless quiz images, I went in and re-optimized them all to be 24 color GIFs instead of 255 colors, which cut their file sizes almost in half, and kicked that directory down a notch. Phew! But I'm still using 1.3GB a day, which is bad. I'd like to keep it to 10GB a month. 20GB a month would be tolerable. 40 is not.

So I'm writing here asking for ideas... if you were running my site, how would you save bandwidth? I love my forum, I don't want to erase it, but I could ask the users to, um, post less or something. I love the hits I get from the quizzes (just I like used to love the hits I got from the blobs... sigh), but some of the smaller ones could go. I feel like I've transitioned into the real world of Internet... just like kids grow up and get jobs and learn that they can't buy everything they want, I'm learning that is a site that can't have everything I want.

Oh, and I replaced the blob page with an explination of how to locate my PayPal account, and have made $10.81 in the last two days! Yay! I'll see how much I have by the end of the month... it'd be nice to send it on to my old host person in chunks rather than have her dealing with little dollars here and there. If you'd also like to support the blobs, you can read about it here. I realize most of you never adopted any so don't need to be funding the evil that occured, but it's a just in case thing.
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