Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

Updates on everything updated: Everything is moving on out. I switched the domain name over Friday and by Saturday I was at the new server, I think most everyone is. Don't ask why it took four days to switch earlier this week and one day on this one, we'll figure that out, um, never.

The new forums are running on phpbb and are fast as hell! thanks to all of you who advised me there. We were running a cgi board with dbm instead of mysql... I now have forum members complaining that they can't play solitaire, visit other forums, and download pr0n while waiting for things to load.

Special thanks to sogentlywego, rawbery79, aerindipity, daizylibra, imnotsatan, marv, zonk for the totally awesome christmas cards! (if I forgot someone I'm sorry)

Today the man and I are driving to OP to see my parents and some other freakizoid friends of mine. We're taking the birds. Yup. Wish us luck. I'm not entirely sure all the stuff I need to take down will fit in my car, things could get interesting. I bought tons of presents this year and they're all wrapped up with shiny paper and gigantic handmade bows... for some reason, present wrapping is one of those things that bring me infinate joy in life. It's an art form. And I think my art forms are all about to get squished in transit.
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