Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,
spacefem oh shit

Okay, I'm trying to be real calm right now.

You know how my host said she was done hosting, because her parent company was charging her like $1700 for bandwidth she didn't use? Well she didn't use it. I did. And she's got the logs to prove it and suggested that we "work out a payment plan"


Okay, I knew what I was doing was using a lot of bandwidth and I knew that $10 a month was probably not my share of the costs. But I didn't do anything because I figured if it got bad, she'd tell me, right? She's the one paying, she should notify me. But she didn't. She didn't check the logs until now, so for the last whatever months she's had hundreds of dollars in costs and I had no clue.

So... considerations as an itemized list...

1) She failed to notify me that I was using enough bandwidth to feed MIT for a week every day. From the logs, she started getting suscpicious in July, things really got bad in September. I got the message this morning.

2) I, knowing bandwidth might be big, failed to e-mail her asking if that was alright (is that really my responsibility as a customer though?)

3) She's a cool person I don't want to screw over

4) There's no way I could pay $1700 if I wanted to. I mean damn, I put $1000 down on that car last month, as of now I literally have about $30 in my checking account because I forgot about rent and all that weird stuff.

5) I did take steps to reduce my bandwidth. Many of you will remember that I have help hosting the blobs, I only host like 1/3 of them, I did that out of consideration for her server without even knowing what I was using up.

It looks like over the last 30 days, I pulled 45GB of bandwidth.

What should I do?
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