Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

wakeup with spacefem!

Woke up at 5:00 a.m. this morning for no apparent reason, so I got up, made a cup of coffee, and relaxed while watching the TV and checking e-mail (well, what e-mail I can check). ah! I usually stay off the computer in the morning, just turn it on when i get home and turn it off when I go to bed, but now that I'm in a sort of internet crisis mode I've just left it on all the time.

Despite recent worries about, I am optimistic about the days ahead. First off, the server change is actually probably a good idea. Dave knows I'd been thinking about changing anyway, my old host was slow. Ask the forum people, they didn't complain loudly but I'm sure they notice that it takes forever to accomplish anything there. Now that I'm free of all that, I can move somewhere that won't be slow. I can go someplace that offers remarkable features like PHP... that might change my life! And bandwidth monitoring.

And as we all know, today is Two Towers: The Movie day! Got my ticket, will see the 7:30 show. So that's exciting. I've been less excited about it of late, but I think that's just because everyone else is so nuts about it. It's hard for me to like things that are too popular or overdone, I'm not as bad as some people about this, I make a concerted effort to never like or hate anything just because it's popular, but it's hard when stuff gets this big.

Watching wichita local news this morning. It's always so sad. Today they did a "News Around The World" segment where I guess they go international. They did a story on Venezuela, okay, good job guys, that's another country. Then California. Not quite, but it's still far away, so whatever. Then Missouri. Yes, news from Missouri makes our international segment.

After that strenuous four minutes they went back to weather; at least 80% of the morning news is dedicated to weather here, they report on the entire state of Kansas for the next 10 days then do a special forcast for the kiddies. Cute town we got here, but the news just reminds me that it might be considered "small and insignificant" in some circles.
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