Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

Looking for

Heh... got online after work today only to find that my site was down. Why? Because my DOMAIN NAME EXPIRED. oops!

So I spent like 30 minutes trying to jump over dotster's crappy system errors to renew. Things still aren't all together, but apparently in the next 24 hours life should be back to normal.

It's nice that only 1/3 of the useless blobs are hosted on these days, so life will go on as usual for a lot of people.

Except for some reason, I can see the forum members really freaking out about this... they'll have to go outside or something! noooo! I'll read all about it tomorrow.

Silly me, who'd of thought that whole "one year registration" thing would sneak up so fast? I renewed for two years, for the record. phew.
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