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finding what's lost, Official ST: Nemesis Review

First, the news on my life... I found the precious thing I had lost. No, it was not the One Ring, you dorks! But it was the One Brooch... given to me by my dearest friend Mikey some months ago right before the move. And I clearly remembered putting it in a very safe place, then putting it in an even safer place for the move, a place where I knew it would make it to wichita, a place that was safe and hidden and... totally forgettable.

Isn't that just always the curse of safe places?

Uhg. I received a gift basket from the company I was to work for and put the silver elvish leaf in there, then after I moved thought, "This is such a pretty basket, has a lid with a latch and everything. It'll look nice ON TOP OF MY BATHROOM CABINET with these candles and things."

I then proceeded to drive myself positively nuts for the next months, practically turning my apartment upside down whenever I got the urge (about once a week), before I asked you guys and just walked around looking at the walls trying to see if I could give myself x-ray vision or something. I had to find it by the time LotR came out! Or I would buy myself another one! Either way, I could not tell anyone I'd lost it.

But I didn't lose it. Yay! I feel so relieved.

Now that that's been said, I have a few things to say about Star Trek: Nemesis. I liked it, dammit! But then, I have a way with liking these things. Minor spoilers are below, so only continue reading if you dare.

Ah, Science Fiction. Critics usually hate it. Fans usually adore it. And it never fails, some always get totally worked up about it then go in the theater expecting the second coming or something and get dissapointed when it's not a freaking work of art. Get over it, people! Sci-fi is sometimes predictable, there is sometimes bad acting (I know, perish the thought!), sometimes things get overdone, the characters are corny, the whole saving-the-universe bit gets old. But they're our corny characters. We love them. At least, I love them.

And I'm serious on this one, I grew up with Star Trek: TNG, there are episodes that changed who I am today. And although this movie didn't have that effect, it was still 100% enjoyable, I smiled through the whole thing. Is this because it was a good movie, or because I am a dork trekkie? The world may never know.

Anyway, the movie is all about Dear Picard and his long-lost clone who's evil. Isn't that always the way? Damn, can't anyone ever make nice clones? This one has a terribly powerful biological weapon that he plans to use to destroy, well, everything.

The plot is no big new idea, as we all know the Enterprise crew is endlessly saving the universe (aren't we all?) And there are other non-surprises too. Like, when being sucked out into open space through a hull breach, federation crew members still don't explode, they just get sucked out. The hull breach is repaired and the crew members who managed to grab onto something are sitting just as fine as ever.

So, I guess when you cross through the neutral zone into romulan territory, space is no longer a vaccuum? Or something.

Oh, and the enterprise gets destroyed because of a decision by the captain. Yeah, that's a first.

No major federation orders were defied though, I did kind of miss that. I think Kirk was really the expert at telling the federation upities to stick it, Picard's done it his share of times, but he just doesn't have the finesse.

So if we don't go see Nemisis for the intrigueing plot twists, why do we go? Well first of all, Shinzon is a fabulous villian. He's downright evil, especially at the end there, I think he was marvolously played and by the end of the movie I was over the idea that billy corgan really should have had his part. Is he more evil than Khan? That's to be debated in the future. What's important for now is that he's intriguing, and rather sexy, and painfully tortured by the inner him that we never fully understand because it's blanketed by so much good old fashioned evil. Good make-up tricks might have had a part to play in this... the more evil he gets, the more he seems kinda sick and decayed. But whatever he's got, it's cool, I like him.

Data rocks my face off in this movie, as he usually does. He finds a really annoying other him who we will never like, but Data's smart now, knows how to use his evil clones for good. Go Data, you rock! And of course he's really the one who ends up saving the universe... I won't tell you how, but I will say that if you like me and Data's your fav, you'll love this movie. You get to cheer for him, cry for him, just adore him through the whole thing. I seriously cried. So did the lady next to me. Awe :(

Oh, and of course the special effects in this movie totally rule. Not as good as LotR, I'm thinking. But still very good. Shinzon's ship is the most bad-ass space vessel we've ever seen; a true marvel of engineering. It takes like three hours to get into "destroy everything" mode, but is that really a surprise? We all know that "destroy everything" modes require lengthy countdowns.

There are other high points too, but I just want to say that I adored this movie and it was everything I thought it could be. It wasn't a work of art, it didn't keep me guessing until the end, but if you just want to get away from it all and forget that we're going to bomb iraq or you might be laid off or your boyfriend is in cleveland, this is the movie for you. Entertaining. Gratifying.

The world always needs more star trek. Mark my words, this is not the last movie, we'll see more. They won't win academy awards or raving reviews from critics, but they'll get raving reviews from me, because I am ultimately at my happiest when watching a good science fiction movie.

Live long and prosper, web fans.
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