Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

tis the season for corporate gifts

Last night we had our department christmas party and there were many, many door prizes. The big wigs all chiped some things in, but most of the prizes came from vendors. I made out like a freaking bandit and won a $280 gift certificate to spend the night here, can you believe it? An old castle-type thing, everyone agrees it's the most luxurious spot in Wichita, KS (spare the comments on that contest, please). Also won a $50 gift certificate to a very nice restaurant. If I ever see my man again we're going to have a great time, he's out of town this week. Other people at the party felt totally jilted... they were there with spouses and won pocket knives and atomic clocks, I was there alone and won the night on the town :)

The company that donated my prize was one of the ones I applied to this summer. Funny turn of things, huh? I was mad at them for not calling me, now I feel a bit more even.

Then today while I was telling 50 people that I was not interested in trading my door prize for the polo shirt they won, the vegetarian nerd got a huge package with a tin of cookies inside. Butter cookies... five pounds of them! He said he got a similar package last year, but only ate one because he doesn't really like butter cookies. Figures. The poor guy has been sick all week, he looks even more skinny and pale than normal. I keep feeling sorry for him, and thinking in my head that I'd like to take him home and cover him up and feed him a steak or some pork chops or something.

So anyway, I probably ate like a pound of butter cookies today, it was so bad. But they were awesome! And people kept coming by and trying to resist them but all efforts failed. At one point all of us in the cube were so mad at ourselves we closed the lid and put a pile of papers and a three-hole punch on top of it, but it didn't work, a visitor came and had to open it and take one and we all fell into eating again.

Eating rules.
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