Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

movies, cooking

Okay, so NEMESIS comes out Friday and can I say something? I'm so fucking excited I could EXPLODE! When you combine that with the fact that Two Towers comes out next wednesday... well... I basically just vibrate all day. Every time the thought of either movie creeps into my mind I start getting giggly and insane. I've decided to try to go after work tomorrow to buy tickets for both shows, I might have a heart attack right on the spot and miss both opening nights due to hospitalization or worse.

Ah, to be a geek on christmas :)

Tried to make spinach enchilladas last night, since I love the ones in restaruants! But mine tasted... not good. I can't explain it. I have a habit of looking for the most simple recipe on the internet for stuff, then proceeding to cut out the three most minor ingredients because, really, how much difference can a teaspoon of nutmeg make? I don't have room in my kitchen to store all these weird foods, and can't really afford them anyway, so I don't see why the recipes call for these random useless items like "an onion".

Maybe that's why my enchilladas sucked. hrm. Well, I never claimed to be a fantastic cook, we all have our strong points, yes?
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