Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

mortality, airport, christmas presents

I was roaming around livejournal today when I found this community that seems to be about cataloging livejournallers who have left this world. At first I thought it was morbid... like, "want to read really tragic stories? They're all here!" I guess that's kinda still what I think. Then I went to some of the journals and was just plain struck... these seem to be real journals, these people really died.

It fucked with me for a couple reasons, mostly because I got to thinking about my own mortality and I hate thinking about that. I never want to die. Even if I do die, I never want Spacefem to die. Spacefem should either be passed on in order to live forever or she should just fade out into the world of things that were once popular on the internet but now are forgotten. Like chickclick. Only not lame.

So then I'm thinking, "crap, I could die in a car accident on the way to work tomorrow and my real life friends would report it in LJ and whatever my last entry was would be just that... my LAST ENTRY... and there would be 87 comments from people who weren't even on my friends list because they found me in the 'read about the dead' community and it'd be all sad..."

And the neopets members would thank me for the useless blobs, maybe even adopt some extras in my memory.


I need to think about all this some more.

In other news, I took my man to the airport this morning so he could fly away and start his job in cleveland. Giving someone a ride in Wichita rocks... in KC, if you promise someone a ride, you've just committed half your saturday. In Wichita it's like a trip to the grocery store. A small trip, one where you just need some milk and a can of soup. So we said good-bye and it was all good. Now I'm cleaning. And doing laundry.

Did some christmas shopping today too, I totally suck at Christmas shopping, for every dollar I spend on presents I spend another two dollars on stuff for me that I just think is cool. Smooth.
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