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My last post wasn't very happy. But I wanted you all to know that I'm happy now...I addressed 47 christmas cards today. yay! 9 will go to other countries, too, I feel so connected to the world. And christmassy. Friends, family, and the internet... that's what makes life worth living.

I am wondering why so many towns in england have like 20-character long names though.

and I got a five on my slashdot post. But that happens all the time because I'm so 1337. I told dave that as long as slashdot loved me, the world was still okay, he just shook his head and kind of made this crying sound but I don't know why. Do any of you maintain your slashdot journal? It'd be cool to actually have slashdot friends, I haven't gotten into it yet.

And I'm drinking wine. That's happy. Dave and I had turkey sandwiches for dinner but there was a bottle of wine and since he was leaving tomorrow we just thought, "Ya know? Let's open it." And we are. And it's good. A merlot tonight, for the record, Frei Brothers Redwood Creek. It has a nice light flavor.

Thought about renting LotR but resisted. I'd hate to OD on it two weeks before movie 2 comes out. I'm about to fucking burst right now, I can tell you that!

Less than a week to wait until Star Trek: Nemesis, though! Horray!

No issue gets me down for long, people. I just need to go back to posts like this and think about that... I don't have the attention span to be depressed for longer than, say, 2-3 hours.
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