Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

everyday weekend lounging

Went to topeka yesterday and saw my sister debate a bit. Dropped off the probe. She was pretty happy about it, my sister is the only person I can really rely on to never read my journal so my car was a total surprise for her. She's a dear.

Dave drove the whole way back and we kept seeing dead deer strewn out over the highway. It was so sad. This weekend is the hands-down biggest deer road casualty weekend every year, they're running from hunters and thinking about mating and when it all collides, well, it all collides. I'm always really careful of animals.

Speaking of animals, I did the worst thing ever to my precious aggy the other day. I was trying to give her her medicine and accidently got some in her eye. I felt terrible, and she freaked out, squeezed her poor eye shut and started rubbing her little face on everything. I tried to give her a bath but she was too pissed off. Guilt! Horrible guilt! But do you have any idea how hard it is to medicate a parakeet? I have to hold her without squeezing at all because it's so easy to crush their tiny lungs, and while I'm trying to get a syringe to her beak she's turning her head around every way possible and parakeets have like a 360° neck turning range. Hell, these animals can scratch their backs with their mouths. Think about that. And aggy's eye is barely a centimeter away from her mouth. It's tragically impossible.

Today Dave and I did a whole lot of nothing and it was great. Sat around the apartment and read the paper. Watched awesome movies on the sci-fi channel (which animal is going crazy and attacking all the townspeople in this one? cats! bugs! we don't know!). I sewed. Made some pajama pants out of flannel, it was happy and cozy.
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