Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

it's all about how you eat lunch

So my big aircraft kit didn't route today. Damn. It was soo close to being released the day before the due date... but it won't work.

But it is pretty darn ready to route. Just because the release guys leave at like 3:30, doesn't mean I'm going to get down about it. There's a big packet of paper on my desk filled with appropriate signatures ready to be walked around campus first thing tomorrow morning.

In honor of that little fact, I'm drinking. mmm. margarita.

I can't decide if this is a big huge hard kit being given to me as a test, or if this is just a totally normal one and everyone is wondering why I'm freaking out about stuff and why it took until the due date to finish? I guess the answer probably lies in the middle somewhere. Either way, I think about it waaaay too much.

Oh, and for the third time since I started, I ate lunch at my desk while working. Damn! I'm one of those people! One of the guys I work with does this every day, he's given up on the thought of ever having an actual break. He writes cert reports for the group. Sometimes I think, no, I know I'd be really good at writing cert reports. Like, our main writer got behind and had to have another guy help with a report, and this second guy couldn't even make complete sentences. He honestly sent us an e-mail today that said, "I go this link and though you could use it." It was bad. They really need me to write, and they know I can write, and it's going to happen, it's just a matter of when. Once, during my first week, I asked someone when I'd write a report and he was like, "Don't say that to anyone! Don't even ask! If they think you're good at it, or you don't mind doing it, you'll get stuck with all of them and you'll hate your life!"

This is a possiblity. I mean, our report writer guy doesn't get to engineer anything. But he does get to go to lots of important meanings. And he gets presents and packages from vendors. Vendors give the best gifts! I already have a letter opener, a swiss army knife, a badge holder, and a whole lot of pens from vendors. I'd get more if I was in charge of certifying their stuff on our airplanes with my reports.

But I'd also be a writer. According to most engineers, I'm supposed to hate even the thought of this possibility.

For now, I'm being safe and not mentioning the fact that I have a minor in technical writing. It's always easier to volunteer information than to pull it back, so that's the route I'll go for.

And of course, good cert report writers are hard to find, and spread very thin, so I'd probably eat lunch at my desk while working almost every day. I'd have a two-hour grazing process like the guy I work with now.

He eats tofu on rye bread every day. That's the most disgusting thing I can imagine in the world.
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