Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

what, me worry?

Okay, so my airplane that's due Thursday totally changed today so I had to re-do the center panel. Then I found out that the the customer wanted their terrain warnings to display on the secondary display instead of the primary one (like on every other aircraft on the planet!), so I'd have to make like three new cable drawings. This has got to be the most insane parts kit ever. I swear, they gave it to me like a hazing and everyone is snickering outside to themselves watching me suffer through it. This thing is like a freaking book now. I finally got an initial draft out to check today and my boss just brought it to me in sections so I could make corrections as he checked. And someone joked about him needing a paint roller with a can of red latex paint to just swath over every sheet to get it over with faster. Very funny.

But I also realized a couple days ago that this very impossible project might just be a test of my endurance and ability to work under pressure on things I don't know nearly enough about. So I've been making a conscious effort to smile a lot and tell everyone how happy I am to have such a challenging job. When a third major requirement popped up at like 3:00 my boss was just like, "You know, so-and-so can help you with this to get it out by the due date, at this point I think that'd be perfectly acceptable." Perish the thought! The new, totally relaxed at all times Spacefem can handle anything.

You know what else I've kind of decided? You can really tell what someone knows by the questions he asks, more than by what he says. It takes a lot of background to know where to start questioning. I feel like this is not a new theory, but I'm glad the concept is in my head.

Anyway, I stayed a little later tonight but still feel nervous about stuff. I'll be feeling really good about life in general on Thursday. Due dates! That is sooo college! Pleh!

In other news, Dave left and went to Des Moines to pick up some things and straighten out some business. Yes, of course I miss him. But in a way it's really nice to have this place to myself, even if it's only for one measly day. I made myself dinner and didn't care what anyone else wanted to eat. I've watched x-files all night. I came home and have been on my computer whenever I wanted, and it's always booted into Linux. I'm doing my thing. I've missed that. a lot.

My car is still totally awesome. I re-set some of the radio presets to stations I like. Half of them were set to country stations, the other half to spanish stations. Yeah, I didn't even know there were three spanish stations in wichita either! I tried to listen to one for a bit this morning. I took spanish in high school. I really sucked at it. I know I'm a bad american for not speaking anything besides english, but there just doesn't seem to be a lobe in my brain for it. I had a good teacher, too, a lot of other people in my classes were awesome. I was not. My only hope is to just stay in the midwest.
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