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i'm not even here yet

Work today. uhg. I've been working on the same airplane for like three weeks because it's got these nifty new headsets that I had to make a three new cable assemblies for, then today boss #1 brings up the fact that it might be better just to do a modification and call out the existing assemblies as reference. I'm like, "Great idea. Wish you'd decided it should be this way... um... a week ago?" This thing is due Thursday and I haven't even gotten a copy together for group check! Yes, I'm really too new and unconcerned to be stressed. If this thing is late, it's really not going to be my fault because I've been doing everything possible to send it off right. But I'm sick of looking at the same parts every day, I want to get this over with and I wish everyone could come to a decision about how it should be done.

One day, I'll be able to make my own decisions. sigh.

In other news though, I did tell every engineer, secretary and factory worker I saw today about my new car! That always started conversations about past experiences with car salesmen, cars and how they work, things I should do to make my car faster (I just bought it! settle down, boys!). Anyway, they were all really happy for me, but I spent a lot of time chatting. Didn't get a whole lot done. It's really easy to get some people into hour-long conversations, I wonder how they get anything done. When I was an intern I loved those people because I had nothing to do and they'd entertain me, but now that I have actual work it gets hard to turn and run away.
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