Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

my vote counted, the bird

Yesterday's election was very bad if you are a democrat. But I'm not, so go me! I only embrace a few democrats, and hey, they won. Kathleen Sebelius (sp?) will be the kansas govenor, and she totally rocks, and I was so happy she beat out the crazy right-wing nutball shallenburger. Family friend Dennis Moore is still congressman. So, the right democrats, the ones I really cared about, came out alright in the end.

And the Most Right Republican, Elizabeth Dole, totally won her election too! She's my hero, I don't know if I've ever said it but she's the coolest woman in politics ever. I want her to be president in ways I can't describe.

Today I woke up, went to work, and came home. Some stuff happened in there of course, but I don't think anyone would care too much about it. I worked. If I ever have kids, they're going to be just like I was with my dad, I had no idea what he did for a living until I was like 15. When asked, I was just like, "He's an engineer. But not a train engineer. He goes to work every day. He works. I know this, because he wears a tie." Kids understand what you mean by "teacher" and "nurse" and "adult dancer" (well, some kids) but nobody knows what engineers do, and I guess we're okay with that. Computer guys have it a little better, at least everyone has a computer in their home. No one has a multi-function display hooked up to a terrain awareness warning system in their living room (it'd be cool though, you'd know if your living room was about to crash into a mountain).

Dave took Aggy The Parakeet to the vet today, she's been having issues with one of her feet. It's not working right, it clubs up and she doesn't use it, it was scary. So finally today he agreed to take her in, found out she has kidney problems. We have to give her medicine. I'm worried.
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