Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

picture me

Oh, and it's winter. It's cold out. So I deleted my usericon where I'm wearing a halter top smiling in august at the state fair, and added this one, from my trip to canada last spring :) It was such an awesome time, I totally want to go back some day. Anyway, I hugged a tree stump on the side of a busy street because it said "hug me" and the result was this blurry picture :)

Sometimes I think that half the reason I want to go back to toronto is the fact that they had a Tall Girl store and it totally rocked, but at the time I couldn't afford clothes, and now I can better afford them and definately need them! There's a Tall Girl store in St. Louis, maybe christmas will be road trip time?

Speaking of, I also added the pic of me standing by the christmas tree about four years ago. It's with the rest of my usericons, which are here.
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