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eddings, post-weekend, how I ruin aesthetics

The series of David Eddings books I'm reading right now isn't just slow, it's painful. I skipped book three, read every other page of book four, now I'm finally at book five and thinking, in the words of the great Tom Servo, "wild horses couldn't drag this plot out any further." Don't ask why I keep reading, I'm not even sure myself.

I had like three guys come up to me at work today and be like, "So, how are you doing? he he..." and I was just like, "fine." and then they'd go away. I was so not the drunkest person this weekend, they'd better all know that.

One of my cubicle-mates pointed something out that really bugs me now. In a lot of publicized aircraft images, they remove the antennas. Either the artist leaves them out, or it's a photo and they get photoshopped (so to speak) out. Pain! Now I notice it all the time, I saw a painting of an airplane today with no antennas at all, it looked totally naked. Dammit, and airplane needs that stuff, it's my job to add it and I don't want people thinking it's ugly. No airplane is whole without HF communication, and a radio altimeter, and a glidescope installation and lots more things, and they all require external antennas, you know, you see some funny shaped thing sticking out of the top or hanging from the bottom, it's normal.

Seeing artists leaving this stuff out makes me feel bad. Like, "Avionics: We do the ugly and confusing stuff." pleh!
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