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if I were my clone, I'd love me!

Best thread ever happened on the forums today. I think if you really want to know what we're about there are two great threads, the one on how to know if you're a dork and this new one: Dumb Things You've Done To Yourself. Positively killed me, honest, I don't know why I found it so humorous (I'm sick in the head?) but I'm totally entertained. Zarathustra's story about chasing after a hackey sack and getting hit by a bus was the best ever... and I shouldn't laugh at stuff like that! But I do.

I think my forum has some wonderful lessons that go along with it. Be sure of yourself, don't take life too seriously, things aren't supposed to ever make sense so you might as well laugh about it, make fun of everyone. It's relaxed. It's supportive. She-net is similar, but a lot more serious, a lot more educated. Sexi is more targeted towards health issues and all that. So I guess really, I kinda feel like our little group on adds to the creative diversity of the internet's forum selection as a whole, if you just want to not think about anything, my site is where you go. Yeah, we get trolls, but they get found out and it's not a big deal. Yeah, it's sometimes not very smart sounding, but it's still fun. It feels good that my site is big enough to generate forum-worthy traffic, it's nice to see posts in there every time I log in.

I've often thought about my reasons for internet usage in general. I used to think I appreciated it because I was exposed to new interesting things and opinions, and that is really cool, on livejournal I get to read about tons of lives that are nothing like mine. But when it comes down to it, the journals I like reading most of all, the ones I always check on, are from people who are kind of a lot like me. Is that because I'm close-minded, or is it just a comfort zone thing? I like reading journals by women, 20-30 years of age, in college or just out of it. I like journals by technically-minded people.

It just sounds really boring, the idea that humans seek out people like themselves. I mean, we already have a life that is ours, why would we care about another one that's just like it? But I'll roll with it, definately makes me happy.

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