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mexican food, Ghost World, ancient methodists, birds

The mexican restaurant Dave and I went to came up on a recommendation from someone teaching a training course I was in. She's from California and her husband is half mexican and she said it was the most authentic mexican place she'd been to yet, so that why I wanted to go. It was too authentic for Dave and me. We walked in and didn't even know what to do, there was a counter with prices but people sitting at tables like they were waiting to be served, there were other stores on the sides, the place was huge. Oh, and we were the only non-latino, non-spanish speaking people there. There was an immediate understanding between us as soon as we walked in. We stood up straight, acted like we knew where we were going, and walked straight through the place and out the back door.

It's not that we didn't want a cultural experience, or that we didn't feel welcome, it's just that... well... maybe that was it?

When I think "mexican restaurant" I guess I'm used to a place full of americans serving and eating foods that are supposed to be mexican, like enchilladas. So that's where we went for dinner instead. Marco's Cantina on central, it was very good, everyone spoke perfect english and was white like us. phew. for a second, I was worried I'd have to not be in my totally american comfort zone and eat someplace where I didn't fit in, and I just can't handle that.

We came home and watched "Ghost World" on showtime, I'd been seeing previews for it all week and was totally excited and I know dave would be too because all our canadian friends (and maybe even some americans) absolutely love that movie! Good points: we SAW xtabay's user icons, live in motion, that was funny. Other good points: it was funny as hell, very interesting, and the visuals were beautiful. The colors they used were cool to watch, I loved the costumes. Not as good points: it was freaking weird, and kinda looks at the society that I myself have embrassed and accuses it of being empty and pointless. Maybe it is. But we deal. Also, the ending was kinda random, we don't really know what happens to the main character at the end, which I guess is supposed to tell us something but to me it was a bit of a let-down.

This morning I went to church. It was a little tiny one by where I live, methodist, and their average attendance is 30 people a week. And guess what? They're all really old. sigh. After the service everyone talked to me a long time and I got this jar of stuff to make cookies with (just add butter!). One really old guy asked what I did for a living, and when I told him he was like, "You're not old enough to be an engineer!" In my head I'm thinking, "Yes, sir, I realize that compared to you everyone in the work force is probably a zygote, but believe it or not I am an engineer." Oh well. They were all really nice, I'm just not sure it's the church for me. There are no young hip single gals to hang out with in my free time. No hiking trips (those replacement knees just won't hold up). No sunday school teachers needed, they have one already and that's all it takes.

My birds are out flying around, Dave thinks they're insane. He's right, they kinda are. They fight and seem to hate each other, but when one flies away the other one follows, we aren't sure why. Maybe they're in a sorority?
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