Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

end of the robots

Okay, so my high school robotics team got dead ass last! I could barely stand the embarrassment. I mean, I knew it wasn't my fault, or the teacher's. We're not allowed to outright force kill an idea if we think it's not going to work, we can only make suggestions, and I did make a lot of suggestions. Oh well. The team that won was a bunch of home schooled kids that all got together. I told my team not to let it bug them, the home schooled kids might have won this one but they'll have issues into adulthood.

The point was to introduce students to the engineering process, and they learned from this so I shouldn't feel like I let them down. But damn. Losing sucks.

Dave is here, I'm happy, we're going out for mexican in a second so this is a short post.
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