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I was on my computer all day. Spent five hours on our senior design website and it's not even done. Should be studying statics now but I'm writing in this thing. Alright, it's time for...

8 Reasons I Hate Myself
By Spacefem
1) I spend too much time on my computer
2) I pick at scabs. Why do I do that? It's bad, I'll get scars! I've always picked at scabs!
3) I'm afraid of spiders. I mean, really afraid, like can't-breath afraid. It's not like they're going to eat me, why can't I just get over it?
4) I'm afraid of heights. Hell, I'm just a wus all around, what's wrong with me? ARG!
5) I didn't read my Perl book at all last week, I'm only on control structures and I've practically thrown in the towel. Dammit, get to it!
6) I don't work out anymore
7) I don't eat healthy anymore
8) I don't clean my room anymore

THERE! This moment of negativity has been brought to you by Spacefem: The most worthless girl of the day for October 22, 2001. Can someone come shake me or hit me or something? I have got to stop being like this!
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