Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

caller ID, hair, birds, e-mail

They should really screen people before giving them caller id, anti-socials like me should not have it. Where normal people use it to only answer the phone when someone they know is on the other side, anti-socials like me use it to only answer the phone when someone we don't know is on the other side. If it's a friend I'm just like, "eh, hell, we can talk any time, I'm busy picking out a video for my next friday night alone right now."

I had a good evening, didn't get home until 7:00 but felt alright about it. I got my hair cut for one thing, since my hair grows at an inhumanly fast rate (I can't figure it out) it needed this, badly. I need to get better at setting appointments every six weeks, look at the calendar and be like, "Okay, it's time again." That way I won't go in to work the next day and have 8,000 people tell me I got a hair cut because I had to get 3" chopped off the ends.

Actually it'll be interesting to see if anyone says anything. So far I seem to be working in a very tip-toe environment, no one says bad words or talks about immoral actions. And I went through the same sexual harrassment orientation that the guys did, so I imagine they're afraid to admit that they even notice any physical form I could possibly take on.

My birds are insane, I cleaned their cage and swapped some of the scenery out, took out the big main tree thing and replaced it with this stone cave-house deal they haven't seen in a while. About a year, possibly. And I'm pretty sure they forgot about it entirely, they've been so weird about it, Naboo wakes up every day and has to build up the courage to go inside. Then Aggy rushes ahead of her to show it's okay, so Naboo tries to go in and Aggy attacks her. Then eventually aggy gets bored and leaves and Naboo is free to be a big damn chicken about the thing, she's curious, but I guess it's dark and scary. sigh. parakeets. I guess in a way, it'd be nice to have a brain the size of a grain of rice. I mean, my birds re-discover this house every day like it's a whole new thing.

Final issue: my e-mail is broken. Okay, not really, but I can't seem to send mail, only receive it, I assumed my mail server was just but my client shoots back an error when I do that, it claims to get a response from the recipient ( or whatever it is) that the message was unsendable. I don't know what the deal is, but if anyone has advice I'd love it. It's kind of nice being an official engineer, I no longer have to pretend like I know everything about computers, I can ask for help with things in my livejournal. happy sigh :)
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