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I really don't like acrylic, as a fabric. I always used to buy sweaters made from it, it's a popular medium for sweaters because it makes them very soft, but it wears horribly. Pills up and runs together and all that, and it's not soft for very long after you get it off that store shelf. pleh. I'm not buying any more acrylic. My sweaters this year will be cotton and wool. Cotton sweaters last forever, and they breath so nicely, and are always soft. And wool just looks nice. That's what I've decided.

Mum seems to have a similar issue with rayon, I'm not sure what her story is but ever since I can remember she's been discouraging me from buying anything rayon, she says it wrinkles easily. It doesn't so much, at least not in my experience. Who knows? I guess we all have our quirks.

Yesterday I went to see my sister in Hutchinson, she was at a debate tournament. I was so proud of her, she won extemp! My sister rocks so much. It was weird to hang out with college kids all day, and college kids in suits at that. Mostly black suits, it was funeral-esque. Anyway, I talked to her about everything, the job, life, our parents, the car situation, and she told me all about debate and explained some things and we watched a round of After Dinner Speaking together. ADS is entertaining, it's a funny speech about a serious topic, I heard speeches on toilet paper, guerrilla advertising, talk radio, hell, and shopping rage. My sister said they were the worst she'd heard and didn't like the topics but I thought it was fun because I'd never seen the event before. Afterwards, we all went to fazolli's and I had a panini sandwich and it was wonderful. There were about eight people on her squad traveling this weekend. It was funny to hang out with debate guys, they're so different than engineers, so much more... I'm not sure how to describe it. Just crazy maybe? Flamboyant, that's a good term. I miss my sister, we could totally live together and be thrilled, I hope she visits soon.

I just took a bath and it was wonderful, that was the other thing I was going to say. Baths rock.
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